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Dr. Paul Rocke is Highlands Ranch and Littleton, CO PREFERRED and MOST EXPERIENCED Orthodontist, providing Invisalign, Invisalign Teens, Traditional Braces, and Clear Braces!  Dr. Rocke creates beautiful and functional smiles for children, teens and adults.

Dr. Rocke is a PREFERRED PROVIDER OF INVISALIGN with more than 35 of years experience in orthodontics. Together with Our Team at Rocke Orthodontics, Dr. Rocke will evaluate, diagnose and treat your orthodontic condition using the latest technology and maintain the highest standards of orthodontic care.

Reviews and Testimonials 

"For years I have been very self-conscious about my smile. I had braces TWICE growing up but as I have gotten older my teeth have shifted, and I smiled less because of it. I wanted to get braces or Invisalign but felt I was too old. However, being in the industry I am in, I need to be confident with my smile, so I decided it was time to do something about it.

Dr. Rocke, as one of my sponsors, is one of the most GENEROUS and self-less men I know. He has taken care of all my kids over the years and goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. He will even come in on weekends and off hours in jeans and a baseball hat to make sure everything is perfect.

If you are looking to get orthodontic work done at a reasonable price for you or your children, I highly recommend Dr. Rocke!"

-Eric Sharp Shields, Mrs. Colorado America  

"Thank you Dr. Rocke and staff, you never fail to surprise us! Finding us an orthodontist to help us in an emergency out of state was so appreciated. You saved our vacation!" 

-Kimie Kraft Lawson

"A big thank you to Dr. Rocke from Amelia's dad. Two down three more to go. Amelia's braces came off today, and boy what a beautiful smile! Again, many thanks to Dr. Rocke and the whole staff!"

-Billy Cavazos 

"Rocke Orthodontics CARES! He is making a donation to the School With The Most Heart project! Dr. Rocke supports Douglas County Kids; you are the BEST!"

-Vicky Lecca Morris

“This is a follow up from my post 11 months ago. I have my braces off! I have lots of reasons to smile. Our Family Portrait this year is even more special because I have STRAIGHT TEETH!!! Thank you Dr. Rocke you have given me a beautiful smile. Now when I present to an audience, I feel confident to SMILE!! God bless you and your staff. You went above and beyond!”

-Julie Meyers

“Thank you Dr. Rocke for supporting the TRHS Cheer Fundraiser - you'll be on the back of our T-shirts, which helps out our Jr. Grizzly Cheer Clinic! You ROCK(e)!”

-Tammy Margolis Stromberg

"Dr. Rocke allowed me to smile and feel confident because of my new straight teeth!!"

-Jenni Meyers Yorgesen 

"I began experiencing TMJ pain in my adult years and consulted several orthodontists before deciding on Dr. Paul Rocke at Rocke Orthodontics. Dr. Rocke and his staff understood my concern of maintaining a professional appearance while still receiving top-quality orthodontic care. Dr. Rocke’s solution: Invisiline on my upper teeth and traditional braces on my lower. This approach allowed me to conceal my orthodontic treatment while at work or attending career events.

In just over one year, Dr. Rocke was able to correct the alignment of my teeth and adjust my bite to eliminate the pain. Dr. Rocke and his staff went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable. They even provided whitening treatments during the process, which led to amazing results and many compliments on my new smile.

More recently, I took my very young daughter to Dr. Rocke for a consultation. Her regular dentist had recommended immediate orthodontic treatment – in their partnering orthodontic office. Dr. Rocke provided an honest evaluation, confirming the possible need for treatment but suggesting that we give the one, problematic tooth some time before moving forward with an invasive treatment - that might not be necessary if the tooth were to adjust on its own. …The tooth is coming in fine now, which means no invasive treatment, thank goodness. We can now wait until she’s at a proper age for orthodontic treatment."

- Jaime Clark 


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