Orthodontics for Adults

If you missed out on getting orthodontic treatment as a teenager and want to fix your teeth now that you're an adult, you can. You're not alone as the American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are adults. It's not too late to fix your dental imperfections and your dentist, Dr. Paul Rocke of Rocke Orthodontics, can help you with braces and Invisalign in Littleton, and Highlands Ranch, CO.

Why Adults May Need Orthodontic Treatment 

Adults who missed getting braces as teenagers may want to fix their dental defects now. It's also not unusual for teeth to shift with age. Even if you had orthodontic treatment as a kid your teeth may shift back to their original position, especially if you default in wearing your retainer.


Invisalign clear aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment for adults. Lots of adults appreciate how discrete Invisalign treatment is for correcting dental defects. You can go about your day, as usual, wearing your clear aligners without drawing unnecessary attention to your orthodontic device. Your dentist in Littleton, and Highlands Ranch, CO, offers Invisalign to patients after a dental exam that determines if you're the right candidate.

Metal Braces 

Metal braces have been a staple in orthodontics for years. It uses metal wires and brackets to progressively shift your teeth and correct your dental flaws. They're affordable and effective. However, their sharp metallic color may be unappealing to some.

Ceramic Braces 

Ceramic braces are similar to the traditional metal braces but use ceramic brackets instead. The ceramic panels are less noticeable than metal so that they draw less attention. You may find them more aesthetically pleasing.

Lingual Braces 

Your dentist may install braces on the surface of your teeth adjacent to your tongue. Installing your braces this way hides them from view completely. Therefore, lingual braces may be an excellent option for you if you're particular about invisible orthodontic treatment.

Getting orthodontic treatment in adulthood to fix your dental defects is still possible. Your dentist, Dr. Rocke of Rocke Orthodontics in Littleton, and Highlands Ranch, CO, offers Invisalign and braces for adults too. Call (303) 730-7002 to schedule your dental appointment today.

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